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What is the OCA optical adhesive?

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OCA optical adhesive Description: OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) optical adhesive is one of important raw materials for the touch screen. Optical acrylic adhesive is made ​​without the substrate, and then down the bottom, and then fit a layer of release film, is a non-base material double-sided tape.

Intermediate pressure adhesive layer thickness 25um ~ 300um can be adjusted according to customer requirements co-design

1 acid-free, colorless, high purity, high transparency, almost does not affect the screen's brightness and color
2 UV light resistant, non-yellowing, high weather resistance, water resistance, high temperature, anti-UV, no delamination or degradation
3 can mix design, adjust the appearance of the shape of the optical glue
4 adhesion characteristics of its own, at room temperature, can be bonded
5 high adhesion. When affixing, excellent bubbles dissipate resistance, stress relaxation resistance, the difference between the surface of the absorbent section

Optical adhesive according to different thickness can be applied to different areas, its main uses are: electronic paper, transparent adhesive devices, projection screen assembly, aerospace or military optics assembly, display assembly, the lens assembly, resistive touch screen G+ F + F, F + F, capacitive touch screen, panel, ICON and glass and polycarbonate and other plastics materials, fit.

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