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Iphone 4S
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    Full transparency, thickness 0.4mm, light transmittance:> 98%
    Surface hardness :8-9H anti-impact force: 12kg/cm2
    Anti-oil anti-fingerprint: the surface is specially treated
    Perfect Touch: the use of advanced 2.5D (arc) process
    Explosion-proof function: After Explosion protection treatment
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1 high strength scratch-proof:
8-9H hardness, high temperature tempered glass material handling, much higher than ordinary film 3H hardness, refused to screen scratches;-end silicone resin film laminated, tempered glass protective screen to make a more complete, more humane, even if broken, nor ricochet;

2 high clear and transparent:
Optical grade light transmittance, low reflection, high-definition high permeability (transmission rate of 98% or more);

3 Anti-Fingerprint:
Anti-fingerprint surface polymer processing, fingerprint suppressed greatly improved as compared with ordinary protective film (Note: the current technical conditions, 100% anti-fingerprint is impossible, tempered glass HD films can maximize anti-fingerprint effect);

4 Touch smooth:
Four weeks and button hole locations using advanced 2.5D (arc) process, shatterproof, easy to point control, etc., to eliminate common-film touch jerky feeling, feel more smooth, operating more fluent;

5 responsive:
Although the thickness of the membrane 3 times normal, but with the touch response speed is more excellent;

Oleophobic coating make the products anti-oil, anti-acid, timeless crisp and clean;

7 protection of eyesight:
Prolonged use, eye fatigue, better protection, as;

8 automatic fitting:
High-quality anti-static adsorbed film used to make products fit and spin simple, convenient operation, adsorption protective film will automatically fit the screen.

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